I am IT professional with over 18 years of corporate experience. I live and work in Dallas TX. Five years ago I discovered incredible form of art – Painting on Rocks. Now it is my passion, my hobby and part time business.

I believe everyone is born with the seeds of artistic ability, but not everyone is blessed with a nurturing environment where those seeds can germinate. Rock painting is an especially good avenue for rediscovering those dormant abilities. With a little guidance, people of all ages and levels of ability can also experience the magic of “bringing stones to life”.

I use natural, non-manufactured rocks and acrylic paints to create  realistic paintings on smooth rock “canvases,” giving this style of painting a truly unique experience.


My menagerie has expanded to include creatures as diverse as reptiles, birds and practically anything with a fur coat. It also includes flowers, bugs, houses and other items. They make wonderful gifts for any occasions, as well as complimentary home decor items and outdoor gardens.

The satisfaction of seeing progress as you gain skills and experience is another rewarding aspect of this unique and exciting art form.

Reasons to Paint on Rocks:

  • Develop fine motor skills of children
  • Great activity for children with developmental disabilities
  • Maintaining cognitive abilities for the elderly
  • Stress relieving and calming
  • Affordable hobby with a sense of accomplishment
  • An alternative way to spend quality time with family
  • Great way to get together with friends

My rocks have been exhibited at:

The International Cultural Festival in Dallas, Texas in May 2012.

For the LOVE of song: a visual interpretation of music Feb. 03 -Mar. 03, 2013

by the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and Frisco Arts